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A little about me

Hey! If you’re here then you must have been on my blog long enough to think “who is this plonker?” Cheers for that!

My name is Tiffany and I’m a 30-something living in the West Midlands. I moved here from America in 2010 (and now have a dodgy Californian come Black Country accent). I get to share my life with my better half (and webmaster – I married well!) Ian and our two kids, Naomi who is 3 and Leighton who isn’t yet old enough to have an age I won’t have to update every month. There are also two cats who share our home, Roxie and Zelda. I’d say they’re my pets but let’s be honest, they own me.

Me and my husband, best friend, webmaster and baby daddy. Phwar.

For 7 years I worked in the land referencing industry and was involved with some of the country’s and region’s biggest projects such as the EDF development for the Hinkley Point C power station, High Speed 2 and the Midland Metro. In February 2018, I decided it was time for me to step away from my role as a project manager. It was a bittersweet change as I was proud of my career and where I got to, as I had no formal education to prove I knew what I was doing. As much as I loved what I did for a living, it was time for me to jump in feet first and take on my biggest and most important project yet. This mom project.

My babes. My greatest achievement. My complete pains in the arse.

That’s that then!

So sit back with a cuppa and a biscuit. Scream with me when I win at being a mom and cry with me when I’m hiding in the kitchen crying over burnt dinner nobody ate. This blog will showcase all the highs and lows (yep, that means poosplosions from the baby) while I learn to go from a full time manager to a full time mom.

I love interacting with all you moms and dads as well, so don’t hesitate to get involved! Make it rain DMs, comments and emails (you know, like the kids say). For business or colab queries, head over to the contact page to get in touch!

ThisMomProject - About Me
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ThisMomProject - About Me
My name is Tiffany and I'm a 30-something living in the West Midlands. I moved here from America in 2010 and this is my story.