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Why I Love The School Run

Growing up, I was never the atypical little girl. I hated wearing dresses and 9 times out of 10 I would play with Hot Wheels over Barbie (but oh em gee did I love my Playskool Dollhouse. Holy hell). As a teen I followed the more “punk rock” lifestyle. I played sports rather than dabbling in makeup.

It’s no surprise that, as a mom, I don’t really follow along with the norm. I don’t do baby classes or playgroups, crafts give me the heebie jeebies, I don’t find Tom Hardy attractive and I won’t be watching his bedtime stories on Cbeebies. Maybe the most controversial though, I love the school run. Like proper love it.

Does that Make me weird? Probably.

As I write this, I am 2 months into the school run life. Whenever I say to someone I really enjoy the school run, I get told “Oh give it time, you’ll hate it.” Or they laugh in my face. Sometimes both! I smile back and as I walk away I mumble to myself that I hope they step on a wobbly paving stone and get dirty rain water in their shoe.

Nobody likes walking with a whiny kid while the heavens piss it down as if UK was in some kind of drought or getting blown down the hill and trying not to lose the pram and a wayward child. It doesn’t stop me from enjoying the aspect of the school run though.

Look how excited she was on her first day! I wept.

I think as I was previously a working mom, I appreciate now the little things that are often overlooked. I used to leave my house by 7am every morning. Most of the time Naomi would still be snoring her head off. I wouldn’t see her until I was home sometime after 5 that evening. Days when she was in nursery, I’d get the car ride with her but had to do my goodbyes from a car as I dashed into the office. I never got to do a pick up or drop off. That was my husbands job as her nursery was closer to his work.

I think one of the worst parts of that was the phone call I would get at 6pm from the car and hearing Naomi happily chatting to her dad about her day. That sucked and I was jealous. Hearing her day over the phone was more of a quick synopsis. I never got to experience the full incoherent shouting of her explaining her day.

Now though, I get to do the drop off and pick up.

I get to dress her in her uniform every day. She tells me how she wants me to do her hair and which school bow to use. I get to shout for the 5th time that her shoe is on the wrong foot and if she doesn’t hurry up I’m going to put her in the bin (I wouldn’t really, not for a shoe anyway). Leighton complains when I put his coat on because he could really do with a nap. We have to turn around on the way to do the toilet train for the millionth time. I get to watch her skip down the road singing. She’ll tell me how excited she is to see her friends. I get to hear her scream, “MOOOOOMMY,” as she runs out the door. I get to hear how she didn’t eat her snack because it’s icky. I get to hear how she played with one girl all day even though I know she did loads more.

Sometimes I can’t wait until she’s at school. Then I miss this face. SO. MUCH.

I understand the school run isn’t everyones cup of tea. I’m not trying to convince you that your outlook on the crappy school run is wrong. I hate the very thought of sitting at a table and making some clay imprints of my kids hands and feet and all the mess it entails. I love them dearly but no. Same as you know how important schooling is for your kids but it doesn’t make you hate the school run any less. It’s cool! Differences make the world go around.

All I’m saying is because I missed out on a lot of the things due to work, I cherish the school run. Some days it is really hard and I turn into a shouty monster. I can honestly say each day I am genuinely excited to walk Naomi to school and when 3pm hits I am antsy to get out the door to pick her back up. Promptly at 4 I’m ready to send her back again too. So do me a favour, let me enjoy this part of motherhood. Even if I am the only one who seems to.

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