How I Do It: Getting Ready With Kids

It can be really hard to get ready with two kids in tow. Some days are harder than others, but here is how I manage! Some days I can get it done in 10 minutes and others it will take me over 30 minutes. It really depends on whether the kids will play ball or if my husband is there to help.

Typically, I will put CBeebies on the telly with some toys on the bed to help keep them occupied. Occasionally Naomi will have her iPad and Leighton will be in his walker. I still interact with them while I’m getting ready and always stop if they need me. Hence why sometimes it can take so long to do!

I can’t say this would work for everyone because each family and child is different. It works well (for the most part) for us and we have worked it well into our daily routine. So much so that if I manage to get ready before the kids are up Naomi will ask when we’re going to do our make up!

Hopefully this will help you a little bit with juggling how to get yourself ready to go!

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